About Us

HotDog FPV is a veteran-owned family business; founded and run by Ben Formhals. All of our products are proudly created, produced and shipped in the United States.

Ben has been involved in the RC hobby since his childhood. In August of 2015, Ben purchased his first drone from a Ross store in El Paso, Texas. He wasn't an enthusiast, he was just looking for some cheap entertainment. It didn't take long for him to get the hang of flying the drone, and with each flight, his interest grew.

In December of 2015, Ben built his first custom drone and added a camera for FPV flight to his first custom drone. Since then Ben has built, flown, and repaired countless drones. His first couple of FPV goggles were bulky, and heavy... so after about a year he decided to invest the money on FatShark Goggles. Through his affiliation with drone/multi-rotor forums and groups, he found that people were doing a lot of customization to their Fat Shark Goggles. One thing that was missing, though, was the customization of the head strap on the Fat Shark Goggles.

In April 2017, Ben made his first custom Fat Shark goggle strap. Since then HotDogFPV's inventory has expanded to include battery straps, goggle accessories, clothing & apparel, and other miscellaneous items.