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HotDogFPV is proud to sponsor and promote pilots that contribute to the FPV and drone community in a positive way. As an organization, we prioritize integrity, honesty, personality, and uniqueness. Many sponsorship programs are based on how well a pilot places in racing events - this isn't that kind of sponsorship. Don't get us wrong, we respect and encourage those who excel at speed, precision flying, and have a competitive edge - we just want our sponsorship program to encompass more than that. 
We want to support and highlight community members that encourage and influence the community in a positive way. We love big personalities and unique flying styles. Want to see if you have what it takes to become a HotDogFPV sponsored pilot? Make a video to tell us why we need you on our roster, upload it to youtube, and tell us how/where to view it by sending an email to 

Ben Formhals

Founder of

A little bit about myself? Well I'm 36yrs old, my wife and I live in an RV full time, and we make custom fatshark goggle straps. I have been flying fpv since December 2015 and have come quite a long way. I'm a USMC veteran. I mainly fly freestyle but have placed in a couple random races during our travels. The community is amazing and I want to not only be a part of it, I want to be able to support it as much as possible. 

Derek Koziol

Derek and His Drone

I have been flying quads for about four years and FPV for just over year. The first time that I saw a racing quad fly I was simply amazed and fell in love. Once I put on the goggles for the first time FPV became life. I was able to start this journey due to the generosity of others. Now I try my best to give back to the community. Helping local pilots with parts and support. Using my YouTube channel to share information and entertainment with the rest of the world. 

Chris Teal

WestPsyde FPV

My name is Chris Teal, 27, Born and Raised in Southern California, then about 4 years ago I transplanted myself to the Western Slopes of Colorful Colorado, I started my FPV journey over a year ago by building my first race quad, I instantly knew I had found my new addiction! Music is my life, I Produce and DJ all genres of Electronic Music as "Tauru5" aka "DJ BunLong". always making sure I leave enough time for FPV. Freestyle, Racing, Long Range....... I do it all! Being born on the "West Side" of the united states and now residing in Western Colorado that is how "WestPsyde" was created. looking to push my FPV experience to the next level through flying amazing locations and putting together next level edits, I am now on the constant hunt for the next awesome spot to rip! Big Shoutout to HotDogFPV for this opportunity as this is my first sponsorship! I will forever be Team HotDog!!!! WestPsyde out 

Joe Stan

JoeStan FPV

A little about me... Born in the year of our lord, 1982. Born and raised in central New York state. Husband and father of three kids. Started out my adult life going to school for automotive technology and metal fabrication.
I was always one of those kids that would always take things apart and put them back together just to see how it worked. Was never really into RC stuff other than toy grade cars as a kid.
Started flying mini quads in the spring of '17 and it has completely taken priority over all of my other hobbies. I love it all. The building, flying, video editing, all of it. Theres nothing that compares to FPV.
Im so excited to have the oportunity to support Ben and Steph at HotdogFPV. Great products and great people. All that being said...RIP ON!

Caleb "Mack" Depue


I’ve always had a passion for rc but it was never sparked until fpv freestyle drones came into play! I got a hold of it about three years ago and have been actively pursuing it ever since there’s no other freedom I have ever found like getting behind the goggles and shredding the air.

I also love to share the hobby and help out whoever I can it’s as rewarding to me to help someone get to flying then it is to actually get out and fly. Drones and cinematography are my passionate the go hand in hand kinda like hot dogs 🌭 and mustard! Now get out and rip! 

Kele Stanley


Fresh out of 1982, at 36 years young. Born and raised in the heart of it all, good ol’ Ohio. It’s shaped like a heart, get it? RC started for me with lego cars rigged with brushed motors from Radio Shack. I spent time racing nitro cars in my teens and started flying planes in the late 90’s. I bought my first quad kit in 2009, a Gaui 330X. Since then multi rotors have taken over my life and filled it with tons of builds from AV rigs to micro FPV quads and all things in between. I work a full time position as a pilot for a pretty awesome company, travel a lot and spend all of my extra time working on quad stuff and hanging with the fam. I am also a real plane pilot and enjoy any opportunity to take people up. I snowboard, skateboard and wakeboard. Used to race BMX in the 90’s and really like anything extreme. Goals for 2018 are to define my racing and continue pushing my freestyle flying at the same time. Oh, and promote the hell out of HOTDOGFPV!

David Hinds


I've been apart of the FPV community since Feb of 2017 and have been VERY active since. Because i travel for work, i've been able to fly at some great spots around the US while also meeting some great people who i now call friends. The FPV community has been for me one of the greatest finds of my life and i dont plan on leaving it anytime soon. I am a father of 2, an avid DIY'er, and a lover of baseball (my first love). I work on radiation detection systems mainly focusing on the steel industry and plan to continue this line of work for the foreseeable future. This is my first ever sponsorship and i feel very humbled to be apart of this team and to represent the HotDog company! Find me on FB and if i'm in your area - feel free to show me your local spots and awesome flying skills!! 

Spencer Jensen

Spoony J

My name is Spencer Jensen. I was born in 1988, you can do the math. I grew up in a small town where everyone knew everyone and everyone knew me as “Spoon”. Family, friends, high school teachers, the lady at the gas station, all called me spoon. The nick name Spoony J was given to me by a friend as a kid and everyone one called me Spoon for short (most still do). When I found FPV in 2017 I was hooked and knew when I was ready I already had my call sign. Spoony J FPV was created shortly after meeting fellow Hotdog FPV pilot “Westpsyde”. I’ve been addicted to this FPV culture and lifestyle and can’t wait to see where it goes next as a Hotdog FPV Team Pilot.

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Want to see if you have what it takes to become a HotDogFPV sponsored pilot? Make a video to tell us why we need you on our roster, upload it to youtube, and tell us how to view it by sending an email to

Can you fill the bun?

Be All the Condiment You Can Be

Want to see if you have what it takes to become a HotDogFPV sponsored pilot? Make a video to tell us why we need you on our roster, upload it to youtube, and tell us how to view it by sending an email to