Rotor Riot FPV Goggle Strap V2

Rotor Riot Goggle Straps made by HotDogFPV can be purchased directly through the Rotor Riot store at this link

These Rotor Riot Goggle Straps were limited to 20 straps on These straps sold out in approximately 3 hours. Additional straps may be available at a later date at the discretion of Rotor Riot. These Fatshark Replacement Goggle Straps are available in either the 1.5" Happy Medium or 2-inch double wide size.

We specialize in limited edition goggle straps; it's kind of our thing and we think it's a big deal. So, while you can't buy these straps anymore, they certainly haven't been forgotten. We hope you enjoy looking through our design gallery.

Don't be discouraged, we still have plenty of goggle strap designs that you can purchase by clicking here.

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